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2017 Program - Stay tuned for 2018 Updates

Reinforcement Learning (without the math!)

Reinforcement learning (RL) involves an intelligent system that learns how to make good decisions through trial-and-error explorations of its world. Of note, computational RL has led to the best-known solutions to problems in robotics, optimal control, and complex game domains like Go and Atari. MIT Technology Review recently listed RL as one of the Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2017. Want to figure out what this RL thing is all about, without all that messy math? Want to know how a machine might learn to predict its world and make good decisions, all without writing a line of code? Through a series of hands-on activities, this workshop will help you understand some of the most recent and most critical ideas from RL, introducing the field such that you'll be well prepared to next tackle the nuts and bolts of RL in theory and in practice.

Android App Development

A guided tour through the theory and practice of building a web-enabled Todo list from first principles.

You'll learn your way around Android Studio, Android cornerstones like Activities and Services, and patterns for communicating with RESTful web services in Android.

Design for Developers

Enhance your abilities as a developer, learn to bridge the gap between your code and the user's experience by learning design fundamentals from real world examples. This session will use case studies to teach you a design process you can start using right away as a developer. You'll develop an improved eye for details, and learn how ask more critical questions and improve the applications you ship. Case studies will include a personal portfolio site, an online learning startup and easy wins you can take as a newbie to the world of design.


One of the biggest challenges in both getting started in Web Development and keeping your production applications relevant as the months and years (hopefully) start rolling by is the pace at which languages, frameworks and the surrounding technology change. Couple this pace with a growing scope of what Web Development entails there are many obstacles and distractions to both getting started and continuing to make progress. Rather then "how to build a website" we will look under the hood at some foundational elements in working with the web that can help you more easily cut through the noise and be confident in your decisions and how you approach some of the challenges of Web Development both today and when things change again a year from now.

Intro to VR with Unreal 4

This workshop will go over a basic introduction into getting started with the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset in Unreal Engine 4. We will be demonstrating how one can quickly go from an empty project to a very simple game. We will also touch on some of the design considerations that one should consider when working with VR.

Preflight Beta with Stephanie

Are you working on a cool project, but not sure what to do with it next? Keen to try your hand at business model planning? 

Join Stephanie Enders, from our own Startup Edmonton team, for a 90 min introduction to the Lean Canvas Model. This tool helps you go from great idea, to actual business model - all in one sitting.