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2018 Speakers - Stay tuned for More updates

Keynote: bioware & beyond


Aaryn Flynn is a veteran leader in the games industry. As Former General Manager of BioWare, Aaryn oversaw the development of Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Star Wars: The Old Republic and more. A University of Alberta graduate, Aaryn held many roles at BioWare before overseeing its three locations in September 2015. 

keynote: Why you should care about entrepreneurship (even if you don't have to) 

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Mike Kirkup is the CTO, Encircle Inc. and Former Director of Velocity, University of Waterloo. 

Mike understands both the creative and commercial paths to building successful businesses. For over a decade, he has mentored hundreds of startups focused on developing mobile applications.


workshop: Reinforcement Learning

Dr. Patrick M. Pilarski is the Canada Research Chair in Machine Intelligence for Rehabilitation, a Senior Member of the IEEE, and Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta. Patrick is also a principal investigator with the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii) and the Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (RLAI).

He leads the Amii Adaptive Prosthetics Program—an interdisciplinary initiative focused on creating intelligent artificial limbs to restore and extend abilities for people with amputations. Patrick's research includes reinforcement learning, real-time machine learning, human-machine interaction, rehabilitation technology, and assistive robotics. He spends his days wrangling robots (and himself) towards general competency.

Startup 101: product social media made easy

Stephanie Enders

Stephanie Enders is part of the Startup Edmonton team and manages marketing, communications, and foundational programming.

For more than a decade, her professional practice has focused on bridging the gap between creators and audiences, tech products and customers, and letting the creativity and passion of builders shine at the centre of marketing and communication efforts. She has worked with Cirque du Soleil, Broadway Across Canada, Canadian Cancer Foundation, and the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival.