Robert Andruchow | Chair, Department of Art and Design, MacEwan University

Robert Andruchow is currently Chair of the Department of Art and Design, Coordinator of Design Studies and Assistant Professor at MacEwan University with a teaching focus in user experience design (UXD) – which is the industry title for designers that work on digital products (web, apps, games). He recently led the creation of a new and innovative Bachelor of Design degree at MacEwan, which places social science theory and methods at the core of the designer’s education in addition to the traditional art and craft training (macewan.ca/design). Within this degree, he also developed the first digital design focused curriculum in the Prairie provinces (https://youtu.be/DZrmoTrSg6M). In the industry, Robert worked for the federal government for six years as a UX designer and then created his own digital company, Big Pixel Creative in 2007. He is currently on the board of Digital Alberta, co-chair for UX Edmonton and a member of the Government of Alberta’s Talent Advisory Council on Technology, and the ICTC Advisory Committee on Digital Talent Needs in Canada.

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Eugene Chen | CTO, Darkhorse Analytics

Eugene is the CTO of Darkhorse Analytics.  His award-winning interactive visualizations and tools include WorldChatClock.com, MapInSeconds.com, and babynames.dha.io.  He has spoken or taught workshops at previous Canadian and Alberta Open Data Summits, and most recently at OpenVisConf (visualization) and Locate (Mapbox conference). Eugene is the co-organizer of BetaCityYEG (Edmonton's civic tech meetup group), a member of the Open Data Citizen Advisory Group at the City of Edmonton, and is currently visualizing large-scale demographic data and artificial intelligence techniques.

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Joey Cherdarchuk | Co-Founder and Design Lead, Darkhorse Analytics

Joey Cherdarchuk is a cofounder and the design lead at Darkhorse Analytics. A data visualization expert, his work has been featured in the New York Times, the Huffington Post, and the Washington Post and his Breathing City graphic was shortlisted for an Information is Beautiful award. Joey developed his design expertise after a 15-year quantitative analysis and consulting career. It is this analytical foundation that helps him create visuals that are both clear and engaging. He offers training on data visualization and his Data Looks Better Naked series is used in visualization curricula around the world.

Data Looks Better Naked

David Ferris | Senior Product Manager, Jobber

David Ferris is the organizer of Product Edmonton: a community committed to raising the success-level of all Edmonton products through the sharing of PM and interdisciplinary best-practices. He is also a Senior Product Manager at Jobber, where he works with a great team to help small businesses be successful through technology. Before Product Management, he also worked at Jobber in the earliest incarnations of both its Sales and Success teams. He has a background in Education and has worked with all age groups from adult learners to elementary school, but thinks that working in software is more fun.

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Daniel Haight | President and Co-Founder, Darkhorse Analytics

Daniel Haight is the President and co-founder of Darkhorse Analytics. He is a Certified Analytics Professional and an award-winning lecturer at the University of Alberta School of Business.

His work has spanned healthcare, energy, marketing, professional sports, and transportation. He started his career at Mercer Management Consulting in Toronto advising senior management and jet-setting around the continent. Subsequently, he nearly made millions of dollars in a small Internet startup. Instead, he enjoyed the magnificent failure of the dotcom bust. 

Along the way, he started a used car dealership, purchased a second-hand trampoline for fifteen dollars, recorded a rock video, and fathered three children. His current work focuses on predictive analytics and data visualization. His goal is to help managers make better decisions by combining their experience with the power of analytics.  His even bigger goal is to design a company where Monday mornings are even more exciting than Friday afternoons.

Data Wrangling and the Three Superpowers of a Data Scientist

Kyle Hayward | Software Developer, ScopeAR

Kyle Hayward holds a BSc. Specialization in Computing Science from the University of Alberta. A former professional zamboni driver, one of his favourite things to work on at ScopeAR is developing new ways users can can manipulate 3d worlds with 2d inputs.

Overview of Augmented Reality Development and Concepts

Talat Iqbal Syed | Applied Machine Learning Scientist, Amii

Talat is an Applied Machine Learning Scientist at Amii, working with the applied team to translate the business problems into machine learning problems and address them. Talat has been working with Amii since 2015, starting with the Social Network Analysis project and moving into the Data Science team. He received his master of science degree in Computing Science from University of Alberta with his thesis focussed on unsupervised learning techniques. His research area interests lie in the domain of Natural Language Inference & Understanding and explainable AI. Before joining Amii, he worked with the Business Intelligence team for one of the largest telecom providers in North America.

Beginner's Guide to Machine Learning

Luke Kumar | Machine Learning Scientist, Amii

Luke Kumar is a Machine Learning Scientist at Amii and holds a master's degree in computing science from the University of Alberta. He has leadseveral machine learning projects in varies business domains during his time with Amii. Prior to joining Amii, Luke worked in a Canadian company on algorithms to detect online fraud transactions with high volume data. He has also worked in one of the LSEof Group companies on machine learning techniques to detect fraudulent activity in capital markets.He has co-authored academic publications on machine learning applications in clinical oncology and software energy consumption.

Getting Started with Natural Language Processing

Tara Petrie | Machine Learning Educator, Amii

Tara (MSc) is a Machine Learning Educator for Amii, working to enhance machine intelligence knowledge for businesses and individuals. She received her master of science degree in mathematics from Simon Fraser University with a focus on discrete math and combinatorics. Tara is driven by the joy of sharing math and science with others.

Beginner's Guide to Machine Learning

Dr. Patrick Pilarski | Amii Fellow + DeepMind Research Scientist + So Much More

Patrick is a Canada Research Chair in Machine Intelligence for Rehabilitation at the University of Alberta, and an Associate Professor in the Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Department of Medicine. Dr. Pilarski is a Fellow of the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii) and principal investigator with the Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (RLAI). Dr. Pilarski received the B.ASc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia in 2004, the Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Alberta in 2009, and completed his postdoctoral training in computing science with Dr. Richard S. Sutton at the University of Alberta. Dr. Pilarski's research interests include reinforcement learning, real-time machine learning, human-machine interaction, rehabilitation technology, and assistive robotics. He leads the Amii Adaptive Prosthetics Program—an interdisciplinary initiative focused on creating intelligent artificial limbs to restore and extend abilities for people with amputations. As part of this research, Dr. Pilarski explores new machine learning techniques for sensorimotor control and prediction, including methods for human-device interaction and communication, long-term control adaptation, and patient-specific device optimization. He has also pioneered techniques for rapid cancer and pathogen screening through work on biomedical pattern recognition, robotic micro-manipulation of medical samples, and hand-held diagnostic devices. Dr. Pilarski is the author or co-author of more than 70 peer-reviewed articles, a Senior Member of the IEEE, and is currently supported by provincial, national, and international research grants.

Reinforcement Learning (without the math!)

Megnath Ramesh | Unity Developer, ScopeAR

Megnath Ramesh is an Electrical Engineering EIT from the University of Alberta. He specializes in robotics hackathons, and works at ScopeAR on on the RemoteAR team where he solves a slew of problems ranging from 3D annotations to Human Machine Interactions.

Overview of Augmented Reality Development and Concepts

Isabelle Sperano | Assistant professor, Design, MacEwan University.

Isabelle Sperano is an assistant professor in digital experience design (DXD) at MacEwan University. She has a PhD in information architecture and a a master's degree in interaction design. Isabelle embraces a systemic, social and sustainable view of interaction design and information. This approach reveals itself in her teaching, notably by raising student awareness about the importance of taking user needs into account, developing a deep understanding of information behaviours and using holistic frameworks to elaborate sustainable solutions. In order to aid and support the decision-making process of the designers, Isabelle also studies the development of innovative ways to visually describe information-rich ecosystems and interactions with their users. She focuses on finding common avenues of reflection for scientific research, teaching and practice in interaction design and information architecture.

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