Beginner's Guide to Machine Learning

  • Tara Petrie & Talat Iqbal Syed - Amii

The Beginner’s Guide to Machine Learning is exactly that: it provides an introduction to machine learning. It will outline different approaches to machine learning and provide an overview of the intuition for several techniques used in supervised and unsupervised learning.

Reinforcement Learning (without the math!)

  • Dr. Patrick Pilarski - Amii

Ever wonder how machines might learn through trial and error to interact with the world around them, but were scared off by all the fancy math and convergence proofs? Me too! This session will introduce key ideas from machine intelligence and reinforcement learning in an accessible, hands-on fashion. You will leave with an understanding of how a machine can learn to make predictions, take actions, and adapt to a changing environment of signals and data.

Getting Started with Natural Language Processing

  • Luke Kumar - Amii

A broad overview of natural language processing techniques. We'll be introducing some symbolic and statistical techniques that have been used and are being used currently in the NLP domain. We'll spend more time on the machine learning perspective approaching NLP problems with some hands-on use cases. 

Let's Learn about Interactive Visualizations and Build One in an Hour

  • Eugene Chen - Darkhorse Analytics

Visualizing data can be tricky and difficult.  We'll cover two visualization techniques, one on using d3.js to create custom visualizations, and the other on using Tableau to quickly create immediate visualizations with little effort.  We'll look at examples of data visualization for Machine Learning and AI, and will end the workshop by turning this Edmonton Public Library dataset on "The Most Popular Books" into this interactive app online.

Data Looks Better Naked

  • Joey Cherdarchuk - Darkhorse Analytics

Too often when we visualize our data we try to dress it up when we should be stripping it down. In this talk we'll walk through some of the common pitfalls people encounter when trying to communicate with data. We'll also review best practices to ensure your data speaks to your audience.

Data Wrangling and the Three Superpowers of a Data Scientist

  • Daniel Haight - Darkhorse Analytics

A typical data scientist spends 80% of her time wrangling data.  And probably another 50% of her time trying to convince decision-makers that her analysis is correct (yeah, that's why they work long hours).  In this talk, we'll propose an approach to reduce risk and increase the enjoyment of analytical work.  We'll use examples from health care, transportation and of course, a local professional hockey team.

Hands-on on the Design Thinking Process

  • Robert Andruchow - MacEwan University

Interested in learning about the design process from definition to implementation? This workshop is for you. Participants will apply the design process to understand potential users, frame the problem, generate ideas, and develop a concept .

Organizing content: Putting the User First

  • Isabelle Sperano - MacEwan University

The purpose of this workshop is to help participants understand the importance of taking into account the users and the context when organizing content. With this hands-on workshop, attendees will gain a better understanding of the different dimensions to consider to design more usable content organizations.

Paper Prototyping to Build an App

  • Robert Andruchow & Isabelle Sperano - MacEwan University

Participants will identify key tasks and user behaviors, and transform them into a useful and usable product. To do so, they will learn to build paper prototypes for a mobile app, an essential stage in the design of digital products.

Overview of Augmented Reality Development and Concepts

  • Megnath Ramesh and Kyle Hayward - Scope AR

Curious about Augmented Reality development? Explore the possibilities of adding another dimension to computing and learn the concepts to be a developer in this new world where the digital elements live alongside physical elements. ScopeAR will walk you through the concepts and the resources you’ll need to develop AR content in Unity and give you a sneak peak of how these concepts come to play in the cool and disruptive products he builds with the ScopeAR team.